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About Me

On this page you can read a bit about what I'm doing and what I have been doing.

My work

I'm currently an executive director at an internet company.
I hold two Independent director appointments and one outside director position.
And when time allows for it; I consult.


Giving a bit back is important, and that's why I can be regularly found in a soup kitchen. I consult for the Venus project, and am a marketing officer at a micro-loan organization.

Free time

In my free time (not a whole lot of that) I enjoy writing short and long stories.
A long time yogi, and I run every morning to keep things in balance..

About Skills

Leto van Westen

European Executive With An American Touch

I've a rich educational background, but my true value comes from the number of different positions I've held in different types of organisations.
The challenge of learning something new, working with new people with different visions and passion is what gets me excited.

My work

My skills

Cyber security
Business Analyzing
Development and programming
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My resume

MDS Performance


Humane resources, Technical & Commercial project leader

As one of the executives within MDS Performance, the daily tasks as well as the long term strategy are part of my responsibilities.



Global management, executive team leader

My main goals in 4Launch were to identify commercial weaknesses find new opportunities Source new clients and develop existing ones - setting up a professional marketing team And bringing back the customer satisfaction while not sacrificing global margin or turn over;


Companies I worked for

My Work

Coming Soon, bit more info on the projects I was involved with.

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